Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tiana's first day of preschool

As expected, Tiana's transition from being home with Mom 24/7 for her first 3 years of life into preschool was no problem. She started (sped) preschool on Monday January 14, 2008 and is only 1 of 6 children in her class. 4 boys & 2 girls, 1 teacher & 1 aide (love the odds). It's a public school however they require all students to wear uniforms. The uniforms didn't come in Tiana's size so I had to special order them online and had them embroidered with the school logo. She loves waving at all the other children as we walk to her class and they all respond so positively. The first 2 days I stayed a little while in the morning, came back to have lunch with her and then picked her up after school. She would not hesitate to wave 'good-bye' before I was even ready to leave. Now THAT was hard! Here is a video clip of Tiana exploring about 5 minutes after we entered the classroom. Shortly thereafter started sorting bears w/Miss Susie.


thesuz said...

What a neat blog! And such a special little girl. She is bringing so much sunshine to our classroom! Thanks for allowing her to touch our lives.

Maureen said...

She is so beautiful. I hope she had a good time. I love your site.

MauiGirl said...

Thanks Debbie. That video made me cry. I'll have to come visit soon.