Saturday, May 30, 2009

Special Education Law

I recently attended a 2-day Wrightslaw conference right here on Maui and came away with tons of information on special education law & advocacy training. I highly recommend parents of children with special needs to attend if they are ever in your area. Thank you Peter & Pam Wright (and Autism Bridges Maui) for taking the time to further educate us!

Section 1400 - Finding and Purposes
Section 1401 - Definitions
Section 1412 - State Responsibilities ("Catchall" statute)
Section 1414(a,b,c) - Evaluations and Reevaluations
Section 1414(d) - IEPs
Section 1415 - Procedural Safeguards


Beth said...

Yes! The Wrights are terrific! It's great that you were able to attend their conference while your daughter is still young. You will be well prepared!

Debbie said...

Pete and Pam Wright are awesome! I also attended that conference and had been to one earlier in the year in San Diego. I got a chance to speak with both of them and they are truly awesome people! Very down to earth!
I have worked in Sped for years and am trying to become an advocate because I have a passion for these children and their needs.
This is a beautiful site!
The knowledge you gained at the conference will benefit you greatly.