Friday, October 23, 2009

My heart just dropped!

OK...I usually NEVER let Tiana sit in the large part of the shopping cart, especially at Costco. I have a system where I set up the front seat with padding and a cute cover so not to get germs from everyone that previously used it. I set her up with her iPod so she can watch Elmo or Signing Time while I shop. Well, this morning I only needed to get 3 items (in & out) so I hesitantly put her in the back and off we went for out first item (goldfish crackers). I had to remind Tiana that standing up was a NO NO and she had to sit down. We got to the cracker isle and as soon as I stopped, Tiana stood up; and in one continuous movement she flipped out of the cart! It felt like it happened in slow motion as I watched the entire thing happen but I couldn't get to her fast enough. All I heard was a THUD - Ugh!!!!!! I scooped her up in my arms and looked for any sign of blood or a cracked skull. I stood up with her, grabbed my purse and ran out of the store and headed straight for urgent care. She didn't cry at all after we got in the car either. 2 hours later she walked out with a huge knot on her forehead and a black eye to match. The doctor said she landed on the thickest part of her skull (forehead) and unfortunatly the left side of her face too (hence the shiner). She was a little angel the rest of the day, while I was a total wreck and feeling incompatent as a mommy! Never again will I go against my better judgement - EVER!

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Adrienne said...

Poor little girl! Glad she is okay! Don't beat yourself up though- it happens to all of us!